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We help people make things that make things

JobTalk was first released in 2000 and has been in use by several small businesses in Australia as a framework for managing business documents and workflow, particularly for made to order manufacturing. JobTalk has evolved through 21 years of customer suggestions.

Hurry up and wait?

  • Do you hurry to start a task only to find that you have to wait for more information or materials that you need?
  • Do you get frustrated trying to find out where work tasks are up to?
  • Does it take too long to create and send a sales quote?
  • Do you lose information because it is written on pieces of paper?
  • Do you wish you could clearly identify which jobs make you money? If you answered yes then it sounds like you need your operational workflows integrated with your accounting software.

Technology and Inspiration

We use Dev Express XAF Development Framework and user controls with SQL Server for the database. We are inspired by Domain Driven Design , The Agile Manifesto and SOLID Programming Principles

About Us

Software by Design was established 1994 by Kirsten Greed. Kirsten grew up in a family that loves to be entrepreneurial and has much to say about the trials and tribulations of small business. An avid coder she also has skills in business administration, bookkeeping and investing. She appeared as one of the “top notch geeks” on Developer On Fire in February 2017. Apart from software development, which is a profession, a hobby and a passion, Kirsten is interested in what enables people to work well together and loves collaborating with her professional associates and clients.

Let’s Talk If you need to get the work flowing smoothly in your small business we’d love to hear from you.